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Vintage Hand Made Mexican Rustic Mug

Vintage Hand Made Mexican Rustic Mug

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Artisan made in the areas of Jalisco, Mexico

Beautiful handmade mugs that can be used for various drinks from tea, coffee, icy drinks, beer, pulque, mezcal, soda and much more... Can be used on any day, every day any holiday.

2pc - Vintage hand crafted and hand painted rustic mug/jarrito/cup made of clay/barro- design/shape may vary.

holds approx 12oz 

height; 3.7 - 4" 

width; 3 - size may vary.

all over varnished except bottom design/style may vary.

Hand wash before using.
Hand wash only, after washing allow to air dry complete leaving it on a dish drying rack. 
Do not store when wet.
It’s is recommended to cure them before first use.

*Each item is uniquely hand crafted, not every piece may have same height, color and or shape, imperfections can be seen, may have texture to the touch, may have pits, bumps, unevenness in each piece. *


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