Care & Curing


Care before using.

Hand wash only, thoroughly rinse.

After washing allow to air dry complete leaving it on a dish drying rack.

Do not store when wet.


There are many pieces that may not need curing, clay is a handcrafted procedure that has been done for centuries. Our abuelas has always told us to cure our ollas before using them because sometimes clay has a porous finished that needs to be sealed.

There are many ways to curing artisanal pots, mugs, cantaritos, etc.

This is the best procedure that prevents smell residue in barro pieces.

  • Hand wash with dish soap, thoroughly rinse with water.
Depending on the size of the item;
  • If small or medium size place in a container full of water, let sit in for 1 to 2hrs.
  • If large or extra large piece fill with water and put on stove with low heat for at least 30min.

Last step is wash and rinse thoroughly let air dry.

Now your piece is ready to use.