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Party Favorite Natural terracotta cup/cantarito de barro

Party Favorite Natural terracotta cup/cantarito de barro

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Hand crafted by Mexican artisans in the areas of Guadalajara.

All over Natural terracotta

Cantarito tumbler

All hand crafted (color tone may vary per order)
Can hold approx. 13oz.

About 5” H x 3”W

Lead free.

Perfect for serving beer, tequila, aguas frescas in parties and family gatherings.

Great cups for your favorite iced coffee, iced tea, beer, tequila mix, margaritas, palomas and more.

Multipurpose too, room decorating, arts and crafts hobbyists, for desert plants and much more…

Hand wash only.

For the everyday day use of any liquid drink hot or cold it is recommended that these are cured before using.

For arts and crafts use, these are ready to use depending on your project.

**Must read before purchasing**
* Each cup is handcrafted; therefore, imperfections can be seen and touched these cups have pits, bumps, and a few are uneven. They may vary slightly in size and shape & color tone may vary; height may differ*

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