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Handmade clay mexican loteria cup/tumbler 5”-cantarito loteria

Handmade clay mexican loteria cup/tumbler 5”-cantarito loteria

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Hand crafted Mexican pottery from areas of Jalisco, Mexico.

Beautiful cup perfect for iced coffee, iced tea, iced chocolate, iced agua fresca, slushy, micheladas, Palomas, margaritas, tequila and much more.

Excellent home and office decor and great gift.
Great party decoration and candle DIY

5” clay tumbler assorted tittles and designs

About 12oz-14oz capacity

Hand painted designs may have imperfections.
Tittles May have imperfections.

Varnished inside

Outside terracotta

Color rim

Food grade

Well made

Hand wash and dishwasher safe too rack only. Must be completely dry before storing.

*List price is for one piece. *

May have imperfections such as bumps, scrapes, unevenness, paint stains, stains and spots due to its hand-crafted nature**

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